1. Mission of the Prisons Department

The whole policy of the Prisons Department is based upon the following four principles: security, humanitarian treatment, education and rehabilitation.

For this reason, the Prisons Department has as primary mission:

(a) The secure detention of prisoners who are referred to it by the courts.
(b) Ensuring prison conditions which guarantee respect for human dignity.
(c) Equal treatment of detainees without any discrimination due to race, colour, sex, language, religion, national or social origin, political or other beliefs of prisoners.
(d) Encouraging self-esteem and developing a sense of responsibility of prisoners by providing them educational opportunities, vocational training, creative recreation, reflection, self-criticism and self-awareness.
(e) Guiding and assisting prisoners to a new start in life.

2. Basic goals that the Prisons Department has set to achieve its mission:

(a) To maintain discipline and order within the premises of the Prisons by also paying respect towards the laws and regulations that regulate their function and by applying them appropriately.
(b) To reduce as much as possible the number of cases of recidivism by providing the prisoners moral, psychological, personal and social support to facilitate their reintegration into the society.
(c) To make the best use possible of the funding available to the Department to develop its premises, enrich correctional programs and improve the working and training conditions of the staff.