The work of the Legal Affairs Unit includes, inter alia, the monitoring of the legislation falling within the scope of the responsibilities of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, and, in particular, legislation on the administration of justice, procedural law, criminal law, parts of the civil law, administrative law and legislation on human rights. It also includes the study and submission of recommendations for the revision of legislation, as well as the preparation of relevant bills.

At the same time, under the Unit’s competencies is also to study and promote, in cooperation with the Supreme Court and the Cyprus Bar Association, legislative measures for the unhampered administration of justice and the smooth functioning of the Courts. Furthermore, the Unit promotes the necessary legislative provisions or amendments to existing legislation, with a view to harmonising the law with the acquis communautaire on justice matters.

In addition, the Unit has a number of other tasks, such as the preparation and/or coordination of the provision of legal information in International and European Organisations, organised groups and embassies abroad, the management of the Register of Mediators in accordance with the relevant law, the management of cross-border requests for legal aid in procedures before a court, etc.

The monitoring of the laws falling within the scope of the responsibilities of the Ministry and the promotion of legislation aim at preventing delinquency, the effective suppression of crime, the criminal treatment with respect of human rights, the harmonisation of legislation with the evolving new acquis and the fast and unimpeded functioning of the courts.

For this reason, close cooperation is sought by the Ministry with the Supreme Court, the Cyprus Bar Association, the Parliamentary Committee of Legal Affairs and the Legal Service of the Republic, for the promotion of legislation, concerning the administration of justice, in order to achieve the highest degree of consensus and ensure fast adoption and implementation.