Regulating legal issues and the bestowal of justice, are matters that demand constant cooperation with different states, both ίπ the fields of civil and criminal law, due to the increasing cross border movement of people and goods.
With the intent to simplify, spediate and improve International cooperation, the need arose for establishing a Unit for International Legal cooperation within the Ministry of Justice and Public Order. This Unit mainly has the following responsibilities:

a) the drafting of bilateral agreements οπ judiciall legal cooperation

b) the study and accession of Cyprus to multilateral agreements relating to legal issues

c) the implementation of the bilateral and multilateral agreements as well as the implementation of the acquis for issues of judicial assistance.

Contact with the International Legal Cooperation Unit:

Civil Matters: (+357) 22805928, (+357) 22805932, (+357) 22805973

Criminal Matters: (+357) 22805928, (+357) 22805942, (+357) 22805973, (+357) 22805974, (+357) 22805908

Fax: (+357) 22518328.