The citizens’ safety and protection, the fight against organized crime and the combat of corruption are among the main governmental priorities. The goal of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order is to modernize and restructure Cyprus Police and Fire Service in order to become more effective and immediately responsive to the contemporary needs and demands.

The Public Order Unit is responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies and strategies regarding the public order as well as for the monitoring of the legislative framework in order to become more advanced, aligned and harmonized with the EU acquis.
Legislation regulating the responsibilities and the modus operandi of Police and Fire Service, the submission and investigation of complaints against Police, firearms, private offices for security services, detention centres as well as many more legislation and recommendations of national and international organizations on the protection of human rights and compliance with international Conventions are at the very centre of the work carried out by the members of Public Order Unit.

Furthermore, Public Order Unit determines the policy to be followed on matters such as the prevention and combat of violence in sports events, improvement of road safety, community policing, organized crime, terrorism, cybercrime and fight against corruption within the Police. For the handling of the above matters, action plans and strategies are being developed by the Public Order Unit.

The national cooperation on matters of public order has been significantly developed during the last years through bilateral agreements for the fight against organized crime, terrorism, drug trafficking and other criminal offences and for the further enhancement of Police cooperation both with EU members and third countries. Presently, consultations on draft agreements with competent authorities of other countries are being held.