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Republic of Cyprus
Access to Records

The quantity of records now stored in the State Archives amounts to 14,862 linear kilometres of shelving. Some of the principal archival holdings are the Governors' Archives and the Secretariat Archives dating from 1878 to 1960 as well as other groups of colonial records. Other groups of records dating from before as well as after 1960 are now permanently preserved in the State Archives. Additionally, microfilms of records concerning Cyprus from the archival collections of the State Archives of Venice (Venetian period) and The National Archives (British colonial period) are available to be researched, using a microfilm reader/printer.

The State Archives reading room is open to the public between the hours of 8:00-15:00. Every researcher is guided by the State Archives personnel who provide advice and the relevant means of reference (registers, indexes etc) through which the archives requested can be identified.

When the researcher has identified the specific records that are to be inspected an application is filled in. A Copy Request Form can be submitted in order for copies of the records to be obtained.

Researchers should read and abide by the "Reading Room Instructions" during their visit to the reading room.

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