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Τhe State Archives, under the overall direction of the State Archivist, is organised in the Records Administration division and the Records Services division.

The Records Administration Division includes the services of supervising and co-ordinating arrangements for the implementation of a Records Administration Programme, i.e. for disposal, selection and transfer of records, as well as other aspects of records administration.

In all government departments Departmental Record Officers (DROs) have been appointed whose main duties are to implement the Records Management Programme and to keep in touch with the State Archives. The State Archives offers seminars to the DROs for their training.

The Records Services Division includes all the services required for the records already in the State Archives and these involve:

Reading Room: Production of information from the records in response to official and other enquiries, guidance to researchers local and foreign, in the initial stages of their research on how to conduct the research and identify the required records.

Editorial Service: Logical and orderly classification and making adequate catalogues, indexes and other means of reference for the archival collections. Issue of publications based on the records.

Repositories: Ensuring the safety of the records transferred and their availability.

Conservation Unit: Restoring decayed or damaged documents to a usable condition.

Reprographic Service: Microfilming the original records for safety and preventative conservation purposes and processing orders for photocopies placed by the researchers.

Training activities: Participation in training programmes to members of the civil service.

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