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Cyprus has signed a number of Bilateral Agreements that cover Legal/ Judicial Coooperation, including matters relating to the recognition and enforcement of judgments.

Czech Republic Rat. Law 68/82
Hungary, Rat. Law 7/83
Bulgaria, Rat. Law 18/84
Greece, Rat. Law 55/84
Syria, Rat. Law 160/86
Russian Federation, Rat. Law 172/86
Serbia, Slovenia, Rat. Law 179/86
Egypt, Rat. Law, 32(III)/96
China, Rat. Law, 19(III)/95
Poland, Rat. Law 10(III)/97
Additionally, Cyprus has acceded to the Convention on the Recognition of Foreign Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters and Supplemental Protocol signed in The Hague in 1971 (Ratifying Law Νο. 11/1976) However this Convention has only entered into force between Portugal and the Kingdom of The Netherlands, countries that has acceded to the Convention.

Also, Cyprus has acceded to the Convention οn the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards signed in New York on 10.06.1958.
The contracting states can be found on website

For the simplification of procedures for enforcement and execution of foreign judgments in Cyprus, Law No. 121(1)/2000 was passed for the Recognition, Enforcement and Execution of Foreign Judgments. The Minister of Justice and Public Order has been assigned as the competent authority, and covers any decision of a foreign Court that is a Court decision or arbitral body or body of another state that the Republic is connected with an Agreement for the subject of mutual recognition and enforcement of court and arbίtral decisions, and which the said decision is enforced in the state in which was published
or becoming a member of the European Union, Cyprus is bound by the .the provisions of EC Regulation 44/2001 on Jurisdiction and the Enforcement of Judgments of Civil and Commercial Matters

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