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Aiming to develop a National Crime Prevention Policy and a Policy Formulation concerning the Treatment of Offenders, the Ministry of Justice and Public Order has established an Anti – Crime Council.

The Anti – Crime Council which was set up for the Prevention of Criminality and the Treatment of Offenders is responsible for the planning, coordination and evaluation of all programs and intervention aimed at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of crime prevention.

The Council, chaired by the Minister of Justice and Public Order and composed of key agencies with an active role in the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders, are appointed by the Council of Ministers for a period of three years.

The members who constitute the Council come both from governmental and non - governmental agencies. They represent the Ministries of Justice and Public Order, Labour and Social Insurance, Education and Culture and Ministry of Health. There are, also, representatives from the University of Cyprus, the Youth Board, the Supreme Court, the Cyprus Radio Television Authority, the Union of Cyprus Municipalities and the Pancyprian Welfare Council.

The main goals of the Crime Council are:
1. The design, development and implementation of a Nationwide Crime Prevention and Treatment of Offenders Strategy based on European and International Strategies.
2. The coordination and cooperation of society’s most important units as well as members with professional expertise in the area of crime prevention and treatment of offenders.
3. The promotion of scientific criminological research projects, which will gradually improve the knowledge and understanding of certain criminal behaviors and will provide data of enormous value to the Crime Prevention Strategy.

The Council has set up two Committees each concerned with strategic subjects within the area of crime:
A. Committee for the Primary and Secondary Prevention of Crime (including Family, Education, Mass Media, Youth Activities representatives)
B. Committee for the Tertiary Prevention of Crime (including Prison, Police, Judiciary, Law representatives)

These two Committees have studied the situation in Cyprus and in other European countries, regarding the prevention of crime and treatment of offenders and have prepared a report. This report includes suggestions concerning a number of preventive programs and actions that are applied to the general population and high-risk groups and programs and measures for the treatment of offenders and the social rehabilitation of detainees.

Based on the work of these two Committees, a National Plan of Action for the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention of Criminality was designed, which covers the period 2005 – 2010. For the preparation of the Action Plan, three parameters were taken into account:

1. the reduction of the causes of delinquency
2. the reduction of recidivism
3. the reduction of the opportunities to commit a crime

The Action Plan includes specific measures and programs with timetables and financial costs concerning the institution of family and school, mass media, employment, entertainment, legislation, treatment of offenders, prison institution and rehabilitation of offenders and detainees.

All programs/measures have been designed on the basis of the cooperation and coordination of all competent bodies. The programs that were planned for 2005 have already been implemented.

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