The Council of Ministers has approved on the 15th May 2019 the National Anti-Corruption Horizontal Action Plan which has a five-year duration and will be evaluated on an annual basis. The National Horizontal Action Plan aims to improve the political, economic, social and legislative environment through coordinated actions in six key pillars:

Prevention, which aims at reducing opportunities for corruption and preventing its causes

Education through designing and implementing appropriate training and educational programmes, structures and instruments

Raising awareness and changing society’s attitude and perceptions on relevant issues, such as reinforcing society’s sense on the need of sound management and accountability, encouraging society to resist and prevent corruption and enhancing the participation of non-governmental agencies.

Modernization of legislation and structures by strengthening and utilizing the legal framework against corruption with the aim of safeguarding justice by enhancing the tools for combating corruption and achieving more efficient and faster procedures.
Suppression by effectively enforcing anti-corruption measures, increasing confidence in the quality and effectiveness of anti-corruption actions and enhancing compliance with international standards and obligations

Monitoring through increased compliance with sound administration rules and enhanced accountability by public and private bodies, such as strengthening compliance with the legal and regulatory framework, reviewing and updating systems, procedures and institutional behaviors that impede compliance and accountability, monitoring compliance with established accountability standards, and enhancing professional standards across all government agencies and services

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