Based on the Decision of the Council of Ministers dated 30/9/2014, the Surveillance Authority for Convicted Sex Offenders is being established, in accordance with Article 47 of the 2014 Law (91(I)/2014) for the prevention of Combat of Sexual Abuse, Child sexual Exploitation and Child pornography.

The Surveillance Authority consists of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order (president) and representatives from Cyprus Police, Attorney General of the Republic, Mental health Services, Social Welfare Services, Ministry of Culture and Education, Prisons Department, Licensed Prisoners’ Council and Cyprus Youth Organization.

The convicted sex offenders against minors are referred to the Surveillance Authority with two ways; first, with a Court order either at any stage of the proceedings, or at the imposition of a sentence and second with the Surveillance Order issued by the Court at the request of the General Attorney of the Republic.

Based on the study of best practices applied in other countries, a bill regarding the expansion of authority and powers given to the Surveillance Authority so it can become more effective, has been prepared and tabled in the House of Parliament. The discussion of this bill before the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs which aims at broadening the powers of the Surveillance Authority as well as imposing further restrictive measures to the convicted sex offenders, has already been completed and will be forwarded to the plenary of the House no later than January 2020.

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