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The Prison Board was established with concern to the good functioning of the Prisons in relation to the application of the Law and the Regulations made thereunder. It works as an advisory body to the Minister of Justice and Public Order in relation to the prisoners’ rights and interests.

The Chairman and the members of the Board are appointed by the Council of Ministers for a period of three years.

The powers and responsibilities of the Prison Board are:

1. to hear and investigate any application or complain submitted to it by prisoners and, if it deems necessary, forward it with its remarks to the Minister Justice and Public Order or the Director of the Prisons
2. to examine the condition of the Prison’s buildings and submit a report to the Minister regarding any repairs, additions or alterations which it may deem necessary
3. tο inquire into the state of the prisoners’ accommodation and labour
4. to examine whether the educational programs, the employment, the vocational training and the general education provided to the prisoners is sufficient and appropriate
5. to ensure that any abuse of power, in relation to the prisoners’ treatment, coming into its knowledge, is reported to the Minister and the Director

The Prison Board cooperates with the Director of the Prison in matters relating to the welfare of the prisoners, as well as in matters in which the assistance and the contribution of the Director may be useful to the Board.

The Board or any of its members has the liberty, at all times, to enter all the sections of the prisons and have free communication with all the prisoners and may visit any detainee in the presence of a member of the prison staff. The presence of a member of the prison staff is exclusively for the protection of the member of the Board of any undesirable reaction of the prisoner he is visiting or any other prisoners.

The Board or any of its members visiting the Prisons listen and investigate any written or oral complaints submitted by the prisoners regarding their food or treatment, whilst special attention is given in the cases of ill or punished prisoners.

The present Prison Board was appointed for the period 2003 – 2006.

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