Emily Yiolitis

Welcome to the website of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order.

"Just as the body, when deprived of the soul, dies, so the city, when there are no laws, is dissolved," said the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. Laws and their observance are necessary and useful tools in a democratic and prosperous State.
The responsibility of the State, and especially of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, in strengthening the rule of law, ensuring its observance, maintaining order and security is indisputable, and in this direction, I assure you that I strive on a daily basis.
At the same time, the State needs the help of each citizen individually. As the philosopher Heraclitus said, "The people must defend the law as if it were the wall [of the city]". I recognize and empathize with the reaction of citizens on issues such as the delay in the delivery of justice, availability of controlled substances, improper handling by a small portion of police officers of complaints, domestic violence, corruption. That is why, in this difficult task entrusted to me by the State, I need each of you to be my ally and companion.
My priorities as Minister of Justice and Public Order are:

• The structural and procedural reform of the justice system so that we can deliver faster justice within specialized courts;
• The suppression, through targeted measures, of corruption and crime;
• The effective reorganization of the Police force so that we are effectively deployed and closer to the citizens we are serving.
• The holistic approach to domestic and gender-based violence, with an aim to drastically reducing incidents of violence against women.
• The creation of intermediate supportive structures for the seamless reintegration of ex-prisoners into society.
• The prevention, suppression and investigation of drug trafficking cases.
• Cultivating road awareness and reducing the number of victims in traffic accidents.
• The preservation of the important documents of the State Archives.

For all the above, we have prepared, a targeted road map with clear objectives and timeframes, which we monitor on a daily basis.

The effort of both my collaborators in the Ministry and myself, is to provide you, the citizens, with continuous information about the work that is being done. Through this website, we aim to create a bilateral communication, so that we can listen and take into account your messages, suggestions and feedback.

It is my firm belief that each of us, from the position we are assigned to serve, can make a difference, no matter how big or small. I will do my utmost to serve the State and the Citizen. I want to leave behind a useful legacy, for which both the Citizens and I will be proud. I will not shy away from responsibility, on the contrary I will actively seek it. I want to see things change for the better and this objective will drive my actions each and every day.