Republic of Cyprus
Ministry of Justice and Public Order

Γενικός Διευθυντής

Acting Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Justice and Public Order

Mr Andreas Gregoriou has been appointed Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order in order to serve until the appointment of a permanent secretary, after a decision taken by the Public Service Committee following a recommendation made by the Council of Ministers.

Mr Gregoriou was born on the 13th of August 1965. He graduated from the 10th Lyceum of Lemesos in 1983. After completing his duties in the National Guard, he studied at the University of Athens, where he received a degree in Economics from the Department of Economics in 1988. In 2006 he received the Master of Public Sector Management from the Cyprus International Institute of Management.

He had been working in the private sector from 1988 to 1992 and then he started his career in the Public Service.
He was appointed Assistant Taxation Officer at the Department of Inland Revenue in 1992, where he served until 1993. Later on, in 1993 he was appointed Customs Examiner at the Customs and Excise Department, where he served until 1996. In 1996 he was appointed officer at the Value Added Tax Service, where he served until 2002. During his service, he had also temporarily served at the Directorate of Tax Policy of the Ministry of Finance from 1999 to 2001.

In November 2002, he was appointed Senior Officer Responsible for Financial and Legal Affairs at the then recently created Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulations (OCECPR), where he served until 2008. During his service he was appointed inter alia responsible for the organization of the Postal Services Sector in Cyprus with the transposition of EU-directives to the national law .

In February 2008 he was appointed Director of the Department of Postal Services.

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